Reliable and available
a way to make calls

from € 0,002 in per minute

How VoipUPC works
  • Register
    on our site

  • Download the application for
    your device

  • Refill balance
    for any sum

  • On application launch
    enter your_name*VoIP-UPC

  • Now you can call

You call from any devices

VoipUPC allows easily and simply to call from any devices. The application is available to computers, tablets and smartphones under control of Android, Windows, iOS and Symbian.

Simply register, install the VoipUPC program for your device and start communicating with the whole world right now.

About service

VoipUPC — is the service constructed on the basis of the latest technologies of the Dellmont SARL company. It uses high-quality voice communications and gives opportunity of communication with telephone subscribers in any country of the world. By means of VoipUPC you can call on improbably low tariffs for any other phones on a planet.


VoipUPC offers one of the most available tariffs in the market on trunk calls.

Below are the minimum cost for directions.

Calculating the cost

You can calculate the exact cost of the call by the telephone number.

The number should be entered in international format without the +, for example 79876543210

Call cost € per minute:

Application for Android Application for Apple iOS Application for Microsoft Windows
You can use any application for sip-telephony.
For the connection, use the following information:
Login - <login>*voipupc (where <login> - your login on our website
Password - your password on our website
Domain -